Tim Gajser
2019 MX GP World Champion
Tim Gajser is a Slovenian professional motocross racer. He competes in the MXGP Class in the FIM MXGP World Championships as a rider for Team Honda HRC. Tim was born on the September 8th in 1996 in Ptuj, Slovenia. His father Bogomir was also a motocross rider and introduced his son to the sport at a young age. He remains his coach to this day.

Gajser has one older brother Nejc, and two younger sisters Alja and Neja. In 1995 his family went through a tragedy when his 3-year-old brother Žan was killed in a racing accident. During a race the young boy wandered on a track bellow one of the jumps and was hit by his father's motorcycle during landing. Tim Gajser rides with the number 243 in honor of his deceased brother, who was born on 24th of March.

In 2015, Gajser won his first World Championship in the MX2 Class while riding for the Gariboldi Honda team. In 2016, Gajser graduated to the MXGP Class under the wing of Team Honda HRC. In a stunning rookie MXGP season, Gajser was crowned the 2016 MXGP World Champion.
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Loïc Bruni
Loic was born in the south of France - French Riviera. Always happy, easy on the bike, Loic started to race in XC, DH and Trial. Training on famous home trails like Peille or Cap d'Ail, Loic signed his first contract for his first year as a Junior. He joined Sam Blenkinsop, his idol, and started to improve his speed and his race approach with him.

Better food, thinking about recovery, off time, and working with his best friend and Mechanic Jack Roure, Loic reached the Elite podium during his 2nd year as a Junior, in Windham USA. He became the World Champion in 2015, and after that he won his first World Cup stage in 2016, Cairns - Autralia.
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Ricky Carmichael | Unplugged | 09/04/2021

The latest Fox Unplugged shares an inside look at the G.O.A.T.’s continued commitment to professional and amateur racing as we document the weekend of Daytona Supercross and the Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross. Race day has changed a bit since Ricky’s retirement from professional racing, but the pressure to deliver remains starting with track design, commentating, and providing a platform for the future of the sport.



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